The Art of Styling Layered Jewelry

Coco Chanel once said “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take at least one thing off”, but that is no longer the case. Layering and stacking your jewelry is the new trend and Stella & Dot is embracing it with open arms. Layering can sometimes feel intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be – here are a few different ideas for how you can layer your jewelry like a pro:

How to Achieve the Perfect Arm Party

There really is no right or wrong way to throw an arm party – it is all up to your style! Here are a few tips on how to stack bracelets if you aren’t sure how to start:

• Stick to one arm! If you want to balance out your look, wear a few dainty pieces on your other wrist along with some bolder statement pieces.
• Focus on complementing your favorite watch! Watches can definitely be the focal point of any arm party – spice it up by trying to coordinate with different colors and metals.  
• Don’t be afraid to experiment with different sizes and textures – this can feel hard to navigate. Try a mixture of different shades and materials to create the perfect balance.


Stacking Rings

Now is not the time to forget about your hands! Stacking rings is definitely an easy way to elevate your outfit in a subtle way. Whether you want to stack a few on the same finger or have one for each finger – you can create a look that best suits you.

• Pair a few simpler rings with larger costume rings to balance out your look.
• Mixing metals is the name of the game. Don’t be afraid to play with mixing silver and gold on the same hand. The mixed metals create more dimension and make a statement.
• Play with different textures and shapes of the same metal – pairing a gold Ulani ring set with a gold Rhett ring keeps your look cohesive and flattering.

• Stacked rings: Looking for a pre styled pair? The Ulani ring set is a great way to jump into the trend with the styling taken care of for you by Stella and Dot.

Layering Necklaces: Reflect Your Personal Style

Last but not least, the art of how to layer your necklaces. It’s a fun and effortless way to take your outfit to the next level. To make sure your neckline doesn’t feel overwhelming – consider these tricks when layering your favorite necklaces:

• Consider the lengths of each necklace to avoid tangling. By combining different lengths, you can create a cool cascading effect - try adding chain extenders if you want to pair two pieces of the same length.
• Layer different metals to create more dimension and an easy statement piece.
• Break up your different pieces by adding in a bar necklace – like this one here. Adding in a bar necklace between your shorter and longer pieces can help create a barrier to keep your neckline from looking cluttered.  

We know that layering and stacking jewelry can be a little intimidating, but the good thing is you can choose how much you want to add! Whether you wear three pieces or seven, layering your jewelry is completely up to your taste whether you are creating a delicate or statement jewelry look. If you need help picking out pieces that are super easy to layer just ask your Stella & Dot Stylist, they can give recommendations based on your personal style!

What is your favorite type of jewelry to stack or layer? Let us know in the comments down below!