Let's Talk Wristy Business

If there’s one way to make sure all of your bracelets and eye-catching watches are constantly seen, it’s by learning how to stack them together. Whether you’re keeping your stack sleek and simple or adding a bit of zest, we have all the guidelines needed to show off your wristy business.

Matching Metals Is Your Friend

When it comes to curating the perfect watch and bracelets stack it’s essential to match the metals of your watch band with some of the metals incorporated in your bracelets. This easy trick makes your stack look well executed instead of thrown together. Don’t get us wrong, some thrown together looks are amazing, but this is not one of those times. If you don’t have a bracelet that perfectly matches your watch band then try choosing a bracelet with a color that closely resembles the metal color.

Take Your Pick With Textures

The key to creating anything exciting in life (yes, we are still talking about our beloved accessories) is to have something with a lot of dimensions. Adding textured pieces to your watch and bracelet stack is the perfect way to achieve this. Beads, spikes, leather, sparkle, the list goes on and on are all textures that can take your stack from being not that noticeable to the talk of the town. Stack pieces like our Stone Rebel bracelet or Renegade Cluster bracelet and see how wearing a watch and bracelets together is the definition of perfection.

The Crème de la Crème

We’ve given you some tips and tricks, but the real secret behind the ultimate wrist stack requires a mixture of bracelets that don’t outshine your watch but rather keep it as the focal point of your stack. In order to make sure your watch keeps its elite status, it’s important to surround it with bracelets like bangles, stretch bracelets, textures, and colors. By choosing bracelets that are unique, yet not overpowering, allows for your wrist stack to be admired in its entirety.

Whether you’re learning how to wear a watch with bracelets or trying to put together the perfect outfit one thing always remains the same, your personality. Let your personality shine through your style and you’ll forever be fashionable.

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