2017 Stylist Resolutions

New year, new you! With 2016 officially in the backseat, now’s the time to define your personal style. Wondering where to start? We’ve asked 25 of our Stylists what changes they’ll be making to their style routines.

Make a Bold Statement

Only have seconds to spare? Transform your look by adding a sparkling statement necklace or bracelet! They will instantly help your outfit pop and your basic jeans and tee look more put-together, whether you’re at drop-off or date night.

1. “I'll start "Make a Statement" Mondays, styling statement pieces with everyday outfits.” --Kimberli Freilinger

2. “This year, I will rock a fierce arm party more often and own it!” --Megan Burke

3. “My resolution is to be BOLD! To wear more dramatic pieces and rock all kinds of looks!” - Ashley Severson

4. "I'm going to remember that just because I'm a stay-at-home mom, doesn't mean that I can't rock that awesome statement necklace." --Stephanie Moss

5. "I'm going to own the textures game! More Tassels. More Leather. More is More.” --Meredith Sorkin

6. “This year, I'll go for bold statements and not look back.” --Christine Manalla

7. “This year, I will get over the fear of wearing a statement necklace during the day.” --Amanda Stupi

Invest in Quality Pieces

Investment pieces may ask for a little more from your budget, but they offer endless wearability in return. From a diamond necklace that never leaves your neck to a leather clutch always in hand, these are the styles you’ll find yourself reaching for daily.

8. “In 2017 #icovet are the keepsake pieces that I'll never take off!” --Jennifer Pisani

9. "I tend toward gold, so I want to branch out and wear silver!" --Tatiana Kennedy

10. This year, I will rock my Stella bags every day of the week!” --Rachael Silva

11. “This year, I’ll layer delicate luxury with everyday styles and add more Covet to my collection!” -- Lindsy Wiltshire

12. “I want to change my bag to coordinate with my outfits. I want that clutch for my dinner date!” --Rochelle Arlitt

13. “This year, I'll style with more versatility and layering, especially with my Covet Initial necklace!” --Emma Paul

14. "I will style more delicates and make a big statement!" --Monica DeLeon

Master the Art of Accessorizing

Tend to reach for the same clothes day after day? Give your wardrobe a refresh for a fraction of the cost by adding statement jewelry or outfit add-ons to spice up any outfit.

15. “I want to go from small to large, soft to bright, dainty to dramatic and think outside my usual go-to jewels!” --Rochelle Arlitt

16. “This year, I will experiment with color-not just with my clothes but with my accessories! I will try mixing new color combinations and bold patterns to celebrate spring's arrival.” --Helena Giordano

17.“In 2017, I will NOT save my fanciest and boldest statement necklaces just for cocktail parties!” --Jessica Lee

18. “This year, I will perfect my ‘jeans, tee and S&D’ style!” --Lesley Goddard

19. “In 2017, I will rock #StellaDotStyle, whether in scrubs or an LBD!” --Amy Sergeant

Experiment with Your Look

Confused by chokers or lost with layering? Re-vamp your look this year by reaching for delicate styles that tell your story or try out a new trend in-person at a Trunk Show!

20. “This year, I will upgrade my "mom uniform" with delicate layers and fun earrings!” --Hannah Creager

21. "I'm going to mix metals and try out the choker trend!” --Stephanie Cooper

22.  "I'll make my style more personal by wearing engravables that reflect important milestones and sentiments." --Amy Bradley-Hole

23. “This year, I will pair navy with black, silver with gold and leopard with everything!” --Abby Nagel

24. “This year, I will style my hair with jewelry!” --Joya Cummings

25. “New Year, New Style! If you like silver, wear gold. If you prefer delicate pieces, go for a statement. Introduce new colors. Have fun reinventing yourself... I know I will!” --Maria Ofelia Barber

Experiment with these and other resolutions to add layers of fun to your ensemble. Take on a new challenge this year and slay it.

Tell us below, which Style Resolution is your favorite?