Michelle Kim Hong, Stylist

When and why did you join Stella & Dot?

I joined Stella & Dot on June 28, 2013.  At first, it was just for fun. I loved the jewelry (wanted it all) and thought it could be a fun thing I could do on the side.  At the time I had 3 kids and a full-time high job as a VP in a stressful corporate job and felt I needed an outlet in which I could indulge in “girly stuff”.  I never thought it would be possible for me to ever leave my six-figure income job, living in San Francisco with my husband and 3 kids, and having been the primary bread winner for many years. The thought of “selling jewelry” as a career seemed crazy.  

What significant life changes happened to you because of Stella & Dot?

So many significant changes have happened since joining Stella and Dot!  First and foremost, I was able to leave my corporate job, which has allowed me to spend more time with my family.  After my first Hoopla in 2014, I made the decision that I was done with my corporate job, I saw that so many women were able to be successful with Stella & Dot and also be more available for their family, I wanted that for myself.  A few months after that Hoopla, I achieved Associate Stylist, then Senior and then Star by November of that year and then was able to go to my 2nd Hoopla to see my Star on the ground!  The best part of all this has been that this past year was the first summer that I’ve EVER been able to have with my kids, we traveled all summer and was able to take my Stella & Dot business on the road.  For me, these moments have been life changing, not only for me but for my family!

Also, through this business, I’ve met other stylists in which I will call friends for life!  I’ve never had that in my corporate job, mainly because I think the women felt threatened by other women due to the corporate environment, whereas, the women I’ve met through Stella & Dot have been supportive, unbelievably helpful and genuinely care about seeing you succeed!  You don’t realize how much you need a support system of women until you finally get it!  And the women of S&D are like no other!!!!

What is your favorite Stella & Dot memory? 

My favorite S&D memory has to be when I saw Jessica Herrin’s daughter sing at Hoopla!  Her daughter getting up in front of thousands of people to face her fears, was so incredibly moving!!!  It epitomized what I believe is the larger reason for this company, to enable us as mothers and role models to go out and step outside of our comfort zones, so that the girls that are watching will believe enough in themselves to do the same!  

What is your best advice to give someone considering becoming a Stylist?

My best advice to give to another stylist is to "just do it”!  Don’t overthink it, don’t worry about what will happen if it doesn’t work, just do it and move on.  Most of the time, it’s not about “you” why a friend didn’t want to host a trunk show, or a new stylist didn’t want to sign up, it’s usually about their own fears and insecurities.  We as women have a tendency to think that we are the reason that people say “no”, but in most cases it has nothing to do with us, we need to be better at getting those “no’s” and move on, eventually those no’s turn into yes’s!!!

What are your goals for Stella & Dot in 2016?

My goal for 2016 is to earn the trip to Costa Rica for Glam Getaway!!!!  I’ve never been on a rewards trip with Stella & Dot and I really want to earn that trip this year!  In order to do that, I need to get back to basics, be diligent about 2242 and just go for it!

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