The Resilience Cuff: Our new Breast Cancer Awareness Bracelet!

We are so proud to partner with the Noreen Fraser Foundation once again for Breast Cancer Awareness! Since partnering in 2012, we have donated over $420k towards women’s cancer research and awareness and can’t wait to make an even bigger impact this year.

Our newest accessory in our Shop for a Cause Boutique is the gorgeous Resilience Cuff, co-designed by actor and friend of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, Cobie Smulders. A cancer survivor herself, Cobie, worked with the design team to create a beautiful piece that embodies strength, courage, and resilience.

Collaborating with Chief Creative Officer Blythe Harris and Noreen Fraser of the Noreen Fraser Foundation, Cobie shares the starting off point for the cuff:  “We started from a very simple place and started talking about women going through this process. Either they know somebody that’s going through the process of having cancer or they have been affected by it themselves.”

Inspired by female warriors from history – beautiful, strong, and fearless – Blythe and the design team worked with Cobie to create a bracelet that someone can wear to support a loved one or for their own empowerment. The result is a gorgeous delicate cuff with arrow motif, micro pavé accents and hand wrapped thread details that looks amazing paired with your favorite S&D arm party.  

Contact your Stylist today to get personally styled with the Resilience Cuff or visit our Shop for a Cause Boutique to see more accessories that benefit the Noreen Fraser Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to raising funds for breakthrough research that advances precision medicine for the prevention and treatment of women’s cancers.

Paola BlakeComment