Geri Straber, Associate Stylist

We are proud to share one of our own Stylist’s stories, Geri Straber, an Associate Stylist, Nurse Consultant, Veteran, and former Army Nurse Corps Officer.

When and why did you join S&D?

I joined S&D in November 2014. Originally, I joined because I wanted to do something different from my current job, and I fell in love with the jewelry after attending my first Trunk Show.

What significant life changes happened to you because of S&D? 

After having my first show as a Stylist, I discovered I loved doing this for me. As a mom and a spouse of an Army soldier, I feel as if my needs are the lowest priority. For once, I put myself first, before my son and my husband, even if it’s only for a few hours every month. I learned to take care of myself, to present myself better, and to be more confident outside of my work.

What is your favorite Stella & Dot moment/memory?

A month after I joined Stella & Dot, my sister signed up as a Stylist. It’s been an amazing journey to share this experience with her. We attended Hoopla together and convinced our mom to join us for the weekend in Vegas. It was the first time we’ve ever had a girls’ weekend, and it was awesome!

Does the military life and Stella & Dot work well together?

Absolutely! My husband goes on work trips frequently for the military. One of the best reasons for being a Stylist is the flexibility. I can do as much or as little as I want, especially when my husband is gone. And when my husband is gone and I have a Trunk Show scheduled, it has not been a problem at all when I’ve had to bring my son. I live in the Washington, DC area and many of my Trunk Shows are hosted by fellow military spouses or women who understand the military lifestyle.

How do you think technology and social media has helped you as a Stylist and Military Spouse on the move?

Fortunately for me, we have lived in the DC area for a long time; however, we do not have family here and have had close friends move frequently because of military moves; therefore I rely on technology and social media to help with my S&D business. The technology and on-the-go selling strategy is a tremendous help. S&D makes it easy to market our products without cost or developing our own advertisements through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Without social media sites, I would not be successful or have had as many purchases.

What is the best advice you could give a military spouse considering joining Stella & Dot?

The flexibility, support, and training are wonderful for our lifestyle. It’s a business that you can take anywhere and still be successful.

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