Style Hacks: How to Untangle Necklaces


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We've all been there- you take out your delicate necklace and find it in a tangled heap. How do you prevent this? Follow these tips and tricks on how to prevent and triage the tangle.

Prevent the Tangle

Tip #1: Snag a Straw

Snag a straw, yes, a straw. Give a Starbucks straw new life by using it to store your necklaces when traveling. Simply feed your delicate necklace through the straw, clasp the necklace and you have an instant carrying case for your delicate! (Pro tip: Have a thicker necklace? Upgrade to a boba straw!)

Tip #2: Seal it Up

Ziplock bags might not be glamorous but they're our go-to when traveling. In addition to using them to store your TSA-approved 3 oz products, they'll save your necklaces too. Grab a fresh one, drop your delicate in and leave the necklace tail hanging out as you seal it shut. (Pro Tip: Only one necklace per bag, so grab the smaller snack size or a version from Michaels.)

Tip #3: Remember the 3 S's

Sleep. Swim. Shower. All no-nos when wearing your delicate jewelry. Be sure to take them off before you do any of these activities and your jewelry will stay untangled and look better longer.

Triage the Tangle

Tangles are bound to happen. So what can you do to sort it out? Try our 3 favorite hacks to keep your sanity (and nails) in check.

Hack #1: Safety (Pin) First

Lay your delicate necklace out on a flat surface so you can better see the tangle. Grab a safety pin or straight pin and use the point of the pin through the tangle and it will slowly and gently pull apart. 

Hack #2: Oh baby (powder)

Chances are, you have baby powder on hand. It's a miracle worker for greasy hair days and it can sort out your tangles too. Sprinkle baby powder on the tangle and rub it with your fingers which will help work within the knot to remove the tangle without causing damage to the chain. 

Hack #3: 

Similar to baby powder, try using coconut oil for extra lubrication for your knot. Rub the knot with the oil to loosen it and of course, be sure to rinse your necklace after to keep it clean.

Have other tangled hacks? Tell us, what works best for you?

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