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At Stella & Dot, we measure success by our impact. It's the core of who we are and our greatest passion- in addition to creating flexible work for women worldwide, in 2017, Stella & Dot Family of Brands donated $2.9M globally to causes close to our heart.

In addition to the impact we've made as a brand, we're inspired by our Stylists who go out of their way to make an impact in their individual communities.

Chemo Poufs

Stylist Debbie Brosnan and her team with 90 Chemo Care Poufs ready to donate

Stylist Debbie Brosnan and her team with 90 Chemo Care Poufs ready to donate

Each and every one of us is affected by cancer- whether it is a personal battle or one of a family member or friend and many Stylists feel connected to the cause. In addition to Stella & Dot's breast cancer philanthropy efforts, many Stylists have taken it upon themselves to create Chemo Poufs- where they fill our best-selling poufs with various items to make chemotherapy more bearable.

  • Stylist Brianne Murphy has a close relationship with breast cancer after her Mom celebrated 10 years cancer-free this October after having a double mastectomy. She calls donating chemo care pouches to the Breast Center at Howard County Hospital, "by far, the best thing I've done as a Stylist".
  • Stylist Danielle Niel donated 20 Champagne Poufs filled with different items for cancer patients to her local hospital. She hosted a Trunk Show and had sponsors come to shop and then filled each pouf with a personal note of inspiration.
  • Stylist Susie Pomponi and her team collected donations and filled poufs for 76 women receiving chemotherapy at Georgetown Hospital. 
  • In memory of her Mom and Aunt who passed away from cancer, Stylist Anastasia Henderson puts together Chemo Care packages by using the sale of her poufs to purchase chapstick, tissues, hand cream and more for her Chemo Poufs- she's still collecting but thus far has donated 91 Poufs.
  • Stylist Laura Dominguez hosted a fundraiser show and donated 60 poufs filled with items to comfort women battling cancer. 
  • In honor of her husband's last day of chemotherapy, Stylist Shannon Leckinger donated 50 Chemo Poufs to his Cancer Center in Charlotte, NC. 
  • Stylist Brianna Santeramo Apple donated 17 Poufs in memory of her mother-in-law to Annie Penn Hospital in Reidsville, NC where she did chemotherapy and treatment. 
  • Stylists from Edmonton, AB donated over 300 Chemo Care Poufs 
  • In honor of her mother who passed away from brain cancer almost 7 years ago, Stylist Lindsey Shian donated 55 Chemo Care Poufs to MN Oncology
  • + Many, many more stories and donations too numerous to list here.

Operation Appreciation: Girl Power Pouches


After participating in creating Chemo Care Poufs previously, Stylist Desiree Ortman wanted to find a way to make a difference for women in the military as well. She hosted a Trunk Show with a friend who is currently deployed in Afghanistan and used the Trunk Show earnings to fill 64 poufs with a variety of items that girls serving oversees needed. In the end, 20 were sent to Kuwait, 9 to Iraq and 35 to Afghanistan. 

Plus so much more...

  • Stylist Danielle Neil and her team of 20+ Stylists bought all of the gifts on a Giving Tree to support a local elementary school with proceeds from their team Online Style Session.
  • Stylist Laura Dominguez hosted a show to raise money for to help repair a roof of a Girls' Home that was lost due to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. 
  • Stylist Sarah Stewart-Clark started selling Stella & Dot to raise money for children facing their first Christmas without a parent due to suicide or addition. In 2017, her community lost 9 young parents so her commission is going to providing Christmas for those children.
  • Stylist Sherry Seeh donated her $600 commission to Tina's Hope for a Cure, a non-profit organization that raises funds for medical research for the rare disease Cystinosis. 
  • Stylist Joanne Dimitriadis put her November commissions toward sponsoring a family with a single mom and 4 kids, ages 2, 4, 8, 9 and purchased 3 outfits for each child, backpacks, toys, housewares, groceries and Stella & Dot accessories for the mom.
  • + Many, many more...

Our Stylists inspire us every day by the impact they make in their communities and we are so proud of the amazing impact they have made in 2017.

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