#WCW: Stylist Greta Carey Peoples


Star Stylist and Mom of two, Greta Carey Peoples originally joined Stella & Dot as a temporary gig but it became a path that brought her extreme joy and helped in some of the hardest times of her life.

How long have you been a Stylist?

I've been a Stylist for 7 years and am currently a Star Stylist.

What were you doing before Stella & Dot?

My career initially started in fashion retail as a Manager at Macys and then I later became a Brand Manager at CPG Company and then a Marketing Consultant. It's amazing because every job I've had plays into what I do at Stella & Dot-- it really is the perfect intersection between everything I've done and what I do now professionally. My experience at Macys helped me in merchandising and styling but Stella & Dot does more than half the job for me by delivering products throughout the year and the pieces to showcase them to make it even easier presenting the brand.

Why did you join Stella & Dot?

I originally joined Stella & Dot as a bridge between professional ventures. I had just finished consulting on a major project and we moved. I was first introduced to Stella & Dot when we lived in Canada and hosted two shows. After we moved to Milwalkee, I remembered Stella & Dot and initially thought it would be a temporary thing, but couldn't have predicted how that bridge would turn into a road of its own journey.


Tell us about some of your highlights from your career with Stella & Dot. 

There's really not one highlight- the women that I've come into contact with have been incredible. I work with an extraordinary team of leaders, the women that walk with me in this keep me motivated and give me fire to be a better leader. I want to be a role model for my daughters- for them to see me model fearlessness and passion and drive. That no matter what hiccups come along the way, you can still be successful- whatever that definition looks like to you. The power and beauty and courageous spirit of women fuels me to want to do more and do better every day. The more I see others rewarded by Stella & Dot (through tangible pieces like jewelry or a compliment that helps a woman feel better about herself) makes me want to do keep doing more.


How has Stella & Dot changed your life?

Over three years ago, my husband suffered a stroke while out of the country. At the time I was a Star Stylist with Stella & Dot and it gave me the flexibility to focus on my personal priorities-- taking care of my husband. I didn't have to walk away from my business (like I did a previous corporate role) and while I was putting my life back together, I could still plug back in online and eventually, leave for a Trunk Show for short periods of time. It was a bridge of what I needed to get back on my feet and allowed me to live my life again.

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