Thankful and Grateful


Today, and every day, we are thankful for each and every one of you! From stretchy jeans to a supportive community, our Stylists tell us what they're grateful for this year. 


  • Getting to treat my husband to a much-needed vacation- a third Glam Getaway! (Stella & Dot's all-expenses paid trip!) --Renee Mitchell
  • "I'm so thankful for S&D! This year, I was able to treat my mom and kiddos to a Disney Vacation using my summer earnings! We're headed there Dec 7 and I cannot wait! --Jamie Falv


  • "I am thankful for family who survived the firestorms here in Northern California. We lost everything but we have each other." --Sabina Kay
  • "Thankful for my daughter who is six and reminds me that drawing outside of the lines is ok. I keep her in check but she keeps in check too. So grateful!" --Bashka Everhart
  • "Today, it's the absolute wonder of the season I got to see in my children's faces when they saw a Christmas tree! I don't ever want to forget that!" --Stephanie Fells

Significant Others

  • "I'm thankful for my boyfriend and friends who are serving this wonderful country and that we get to spend the holidays together in person and not over Skype! --Alyssa Marie
  • "I’m thankful for a loving, supportive husband that supports me in everything I do! He’s being deployed at the beginning of January so I’m thankful we get to spend our 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas together as husband and wife before he has to leave." --Megan Grime
  • "I am most thankful for my Husband. He has been taking care of our son, mostly on his own since before summer. I worked a 2nd part-time job from April through Sept, and since then have been traveling for my full-time job. He has endured countless meltdowns, diaper changes, meals and more and has remained supportive of all the changes. I wouldn't be able to take these opportunities without him and his support!" --Jessica Lyons

Stella & Dot

  • "Thankful for my relationship with all my strong Stella Sisters! Always there to support, encourage, empower and lift each other up!" --Sandy Switzer
  • "I am thankful for my team, without them this dream would be non-existent. They are more than a team they are my family." --Holly LaBillois
  • "The opportunity I have to work from home and to be present for more than I would be if I had to commute to work each day. As an added bonus, I have now added being a Stylist to my career life and I love everything about it." --Leanne Rowe Galway 
  • "I am thankful for this community. Stella & Dot has provided me with an escape from my every day and allowed me to do something just for me - alongside other incredible and powerful women from all over the world! More than the amazing jewelry collection I now have or the extra income that allows me to indulge once in a while, this opportunity has enhanced my confidence and helped me feel really good overall. --Chantal Walsh

Even More:

  • "As a cancer survivor, I am so very thankful for good health care. Having my medical needs taken care of without worry of bankrupting my family has meant I could say yes to life. Yes to time with my husband and kids. Yes to exercise. Yes to Stella & Dot!" --Skye Leybold
  • "Including all of the above, I am thankful for COFFEE. It not only gives me the pep in my step in the morning but is a tool for bringing people together. 'Hey! Haven't seen you in forever! Let's go ice cream? NO! Let's grab a coffee'! --Laura S. Tolsma
  • "I'm thankful for each and every day! Four years ago, our son was born almost three months early. It was a traumatic delivery and I almost lost my life. Today we are a happy healthy family of four, but I am always cognizant of the fact that it could have gone a very different way. My bangle is engraved with my unofficial motto: start each day with a grateful heart." --Allison Kleinschmidt
  • "My Mom who watches my three babies for me every day. She goes above and beyond for them and my gratitude can’t be conveyed properly in just one Facebook post!" --Brittany Guzman
  • "I’m thankful for organ donors and their families, who make the most selfless decision during their most difficult time so other people can have a second chance." --Ofelia Barber
  • "High-waisted, elastic banded skinny jeans. My postpartum bod is rejoicing." --Aubrie Hutzel
  • "A life I’ve designed! Snuggles in the morning from my boys. Earl Grey tea. Underground parking. Online shopping. Photo books. Yoga. All of you!" --Virginia Zavitz

What are you thankful for?

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