#WCW: Stylist Meredith Sorkin


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back, so every Wednesday, we'll feature a Stella & Dot Stylist as our #WomanCrushWednesday. Meet the women who inspire and amaze us with their stories.

This week, we're crushing on Stella & Dot Associate Director, Meredith Sorkin who's a busy wife, mom to 2, with baby #3 on the way and joined Stella & Dot as a way to do something just for her and ended up finding her passion.

Why did you start your Stella & Dot business?

I wanted something just for me. I became lost in Mommy life and I craved the ability to work on something that wasn't related to our kids- plus I wanted to contribute financially. So I started Stella & Dot as a hobby at first, then it evolved into a passion and now it's a solid, reliable income for us.

What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

Just try it out! You have nothing to lose! You may walk away after 60 days thinking that it's not for me but you'll have a whole new wardrobe of accessories OR you may find just what you've always been looking for! 


Tell us your story:

I have a little secret- I'm not really a jewelry person! Before Stella & Dot I only wore my wedding ring- I never even wore earrings! I admired it on other women but it wasn't my thing and I put more value in investing in my clothing wardrobe. Now that I'm a Stylist I do put more effort into selecting my accessories, but I've discovered that you don't have to be a jewelry-loving fashionista to be successful with this! You just have to share, talk and be enthusiastic!

What opportunities has Stella & Dot afforded you? 

Last year my income paid 100% of my daughter's tuition- and it was the most satisfying feeling. On top of that, I paid for a weekend getaway for my family to Traverse City, Michigan, bought Christmas gifts with cash and shopped until I dropped for myself!

How do you find time for it all? Tell us what balance looks like to you!

For the most part, it's very easy! Trunk Shows are my passion! They get me out of the house and introduce me to new women in my town monthly. I also love seeing women come in the door, stressed from work or home life and walking out more confident about themselves with new wardrobe options and seasonal accessories. So many women crave more information on fashion and current trends but they feel intimidated by asking. Trunk Shows are the perfect place to help women feel better about how they're dressing for any occasion. 

Some months I choose to focus more on my personal life and that's ok too! I love that there aren't any minimum requirements and no pressure to perform when you want to lean out! Then on the leaner Trunk Show months, I focus more on the online component and earning my separate commission for coaching my amazing team!


What styles are your current best-sellers? 

They change seasonally, but at the moment, my customers are loving the Kari Necklace for its versatility and price point. The Chiara Bracelet has also been very popular because I show women how you can rock it with distressed jeans or a little black dress! Lastly, the Sparkle Studs- I sell at least 2 pairs at every show because they look like diamond earrings but are only $19!

How many in-person and online Trunk Shows do you have a month? 

I strive to always have 2 Trunk Shows a month and encourage my team to do the same- it helps keep the wheels in motion! I don't tend to do many online shows because I'm a social girl and love getting face-to-face with women to connect, have fun and show the pieces in person! 

How much do you make, on average, with your Stella & Dot business?

A typical earning month brings in $1,200-$2,000 and an amazing month is $5,000+

What else would you like people to know about Stella & Dot?

Stella & Dot will always be a good investment as a business because women will always be shopping. We all update our wardrobes seasonally and this is the answer to shopping the future- you don't have to go to a store, but you get to try things on and get opinions from your friends. Additionally, our products and design are always evolving so you'll always be able to capture new customers, even someone who may have closed the door in the past!

Stella & Dot affords women the opportunity for flexible income, empowerment, and an incredible network. Learn more about the opportunity here

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