#WCW: Stylist Joya Griffin


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back, so every Wednesday, we'll feature a Stella & Dot Stylist as our #WomanCrushWednesday. Meet the women who inspire and amaze us with their stories.

This week we're crushing on Star Stylist, Dermatologic Veterinarian, wife and mom of 3, Joya Griffin, who found Stella & Dot as the opportunity to add fun and community to her life.

Why did you start your Stella & Dot business?

Stella & Dot came into my life at the perfect time. I was a new mother to my 6-month-old son, my husband traveled out-of-town weekly for work which left me as a part-time single parent and I was lonely. At that time, my job as a veterinarian was very difficult and I felt burnt out in a hostile work environment with a partner who didn't value my worth. 

I initially saw Stella & Dot as a way to broaden my social circle and a guilt free way to fund my jewelry habit, but it became so much more. I couldn't have fathomed the inspiration and support that I would receive from my team and upline. They helped bring joy back into my life and Stella & Dot became my "fun job". As my team grew, I was able to meet and help inspire other women and I'm so proud to be a part of this community. 


What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

Don't overthink it! Stella & Dot has been an amazing ride with so many benefits! Not only will you earn commission and free jewels but you'll gain new friends who want to see you thrive and will encourage and cheer you on daily! And of course, it's so much fun!

What financial opportunities has Stella & Dot afforded you?

So many fun purchases! I love being able to pay for life's little splurges with my little blue card. Guilt-free vacations paid in cash are the best and don't come out of our regular spending budget or savings. Some of my favorite purchases- surprising my husband (the cook in the family) with a new gas stove, plane tickets to visit my sister in Japan, a cruise with my husband for our 6 year anniversary and an Airbnb for our upcoming trip to Maui. Also, I redecorated my son's new "big boy" room and the nursery for the twins using my little blue card- three years ago, before Stella & Dot, my husband discouraged me from Pottery Barn furniture but this time around, I was able to buy all the Pottery Barn pieces I wanted because of my Stella & Dot earnings!

How do you find time for it all? Tell us what balance looks like to you?

This year has been hard with being pregnant and on maternity leave- but that's what makes Stella & Dot so great. It works when you do and allows you to take a break when needed without penalty. I make it a goal to be consistent and organized and try to do one thing a day to move my business forward. I work as a vet Tuesday-Friday, so I've found that Saturday and Sundays work best for me for in-person shows and reserve Sunday and Monday nights for Online Trunk Shows. On busy days, I'll try and steal a few minutes in the morning and some days I'll work a little during lunch and for an hour after work.


What's your personal favorite piece in the line?

My all-time favorite piece is the now retired Harper Feather necklace but currently I'm loving the Large Gold Hammered Hoops. They are a fun, go-to earring that you can throw on when your run to the store or wear to work or for a night out. They work well with so many other pieces and even help me feel put-together when I'm sitting at home nursing my babies!

How many Trunk Shows do you hold a month and how much, on-average do you make with Stella & Dot?

I typically make around $1,400 a month and do 1-2 in-person Trunk Shows and 2-4 Online Trunk Shows.

Stella & Dot affords women the opportunity for flexible income, empowerment, and an incredible network. Learn more about the opportunity here

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