#WCW: Stylist Britt Arrieta


Behind every successful woman is a tribe of women who have her back, so every Wednesday, we'll feature a Stella & Dot Stylist as our #WomanCrushWednesday. Meet the women who inspire and amaze us with their stories.

This week, we're crushing on Stylist, Litigation Attorney, Mom and Wife, Britt Arrieta who in the wake of Hurricane Maria, found a way to reach the unreachable to spread information and updates.

Why did you start your Stella & Dot business?

I fell in love first with the jewels, specifically the versatility of them and people started complimenting me on them after I hosted my first Trunk Show in January 2014. Then when someone came up to me and asked to buy something, I ran home, signed up and decided to go for it. Now Stella & Dot is my vessel, a means to something greater- my way to ignite the fire in other women to find happiness. And of course, I love fashion. What better way to inspire others than through something you love?

What would you tell other people considering this opportunity?

Go for it! You have nothing to lose and all to gain. Specifically, a community of awesome women that inspire me every day. My cup is always full thanks to Stella & Dot. And who doesn't like to have gorgeous accessories and tops year round to wear and share? If you have ever thought about it, ignite that spark!


Tell us about your commitment to supporting your team and families in Puerto Rico impacted by the recent hurricane? What makes you passionate about this?

I started my business in Puerto Rico and worked hard to raise a team and create brand awareness. Life had other plans and we moved to Virginia, but this move has allowed me to shed light on the dire situation in Puerto Rico as a result of Hurricane Maria. I was in Puerto Rico in March but I did not know that it would be the last time I would see the island I know and love. Maria passed through the island, but for me, it passed through my heart. My beautiful island is destroyed. But the hope is now placed on its people, who even through tears, find the strength to rise up. 

In the hours after the hurricane, I noticed people asking questions online because they weren't able to get information- radars went down, the National Weather Service could only update by satellite and people were left with questions. I committed to updating people by posting on Facebook- posting coordinates, information on extreme wind alerts, eye of the storm, etc. Hours passed and people asked me to continue to post because it was the only information they could access. After hours of non-stop posting, I was exhausted both mentally and physically, but I still continued to post because people kept asking. I continued until dawn even after the eye of the storm had passed, as a place for people to find out about their communities and loved ones in the wake of the severe flooding. 

How have you been supporting Hurricane Maria relief efforts?

I organized a D Battery drive with my son's Cub Scout Pack that will be shipped to Puerto Rico in a joint effort with a local Puerto Rican restaurant. I have donated money to feed unreached communities in the mountains of Puerto Rico and to the families who lost everything. I am working with my church on efforts to help and coordinating with organizations back home. I also created the Facebook Page, Britt Informa Puerto Rico where I post information regarding post-Hurricane Puerto Rico news and efforts and am hosting a fundraiser Trunk Show. 


How has your Stella & Dot business been a part of your journey to help people affected in Puerto Rico?

I have so many social media followers because of Stella & Dot and that has helped me spread the word of the situation in Puerto Rico. Additionally, I have been able to do a fundraiser to help Puerto Rico as a small business owner.

If you could share one thing, what would you like people to know about what has happened in Puerto Rico?

Hurricane Maria, the strongest hurricane to ever make land fall in Puerto Rico, destroyed the entire island. Never had any hurricane caused this much damage. Thousands are without power, water or access to food and medical care. The situation is dire and three weeks later is still chaotic. The death toll keeps rising and we need to create serious awareness to that necessary resources are sent to help our American brothers and sisters.

Our Stella & Dot Family of Brands Sending Love South campaign is specifically dedicated to the disaster relief for the most recent hurricanes impacting the US, including Puerto Rico. If you'd like to donate to this important cause, consider donating to the Red Cross Relief Efforts. Additionally, Stella & Dot affords women the opportunity to have a community that has their back, financial resources for supporting an important cause and an incredible network. Learn more about the opportunity here