Spotted: Jessi Russell

“Along with being a stylist, I am a freelance social media manager and writer. I've always loved to write, blog and have recently also found a love for photography. I became a stylist after we moved from Iowa to Arizona. I found myself wanting a creative outlet and a way to make friends in our new city. We had moved for my husband's job and I felt like I needed to find "my thing." I loved all the pieces and thought it was worth a shot. I studied fashion merchandising and journalism in college and have always had a passion for style. To me, style is all about wearing pieces in a moment that make you feel like your best self. Confidence is beautiful, so when you feel your best, you can take on the world. I love that being a stylist means helping others find their confidence too. I also love that being a Stella & Dot stylist allows me to have a flexible work schedule. I get to work on my business when and where I want to, and since we live far from family, that's been huge. I've been able to travel home to see my family a lot - at least once per month since May 2018. Being a stylist gives me the funds to do so, but it also is great to be able to make the most of trips home by doing style sessions for my friends and family.”


Genuine, Positive, Determined  

Fast Facts:

Favorite Movie - My Best Friend's Wedding

Guilty Pleasure - The Bachelor 

Coffee or Tea -  Coffee

Favorite Food - Orange Chicken

Keep up with Jessi’s style and tips and tricks for being a Stylist at @jessisrussell. Want to learn more about the Stella & Dot Community? Click the link & become one step closer to being a part of a community that's with you every step of the way. - S&D Stylist

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